GM plants will spread into the wild/ though the chances of this happening are thin

Gm crops threaten the natural balance/ it reduces pesticides 

GM crops will face pets to evolve/resistance  traits are evilly evolved in he lab 


corn is very tasty but horrible for our environment. it uses a lot of water many pesticides. many incests eat it and also use it as homes, such as caterpillars. People don’t want these incests eating our corn so they put pesticides on them causing run off in our water. so now scientists  are trying GMO these plants so we don’t have to worry about the run off. but now instead of the pesticides we need to worry about our ecosystems. if all the caterpillars die then what are birds going to eat something different probably now messing up our ecosystem! but scientists are woking on modifying corn to make it easier to grow. hopefully our math stays clean and the caterpillars are safe and not starving to death… literally. 


 food security: many of the lans are used for animal farms. stoping to eat meat will help us save more land for homes and so on. cows take up more room then plants you can get more plant food then animal food our health eating less meat recedes heart disease.  


Food miles:the distance the food travels from the farm to the table as measurement  of fuel. so eating avacados Mexico obi have a higher food mileage then eating from the local farm  

ways to take down the carbon foot print:

reduce meat consumption, avoid food with excessive  packaging, buy misshapen fruit and veggies    


i mean i don’t mind the my plate. But just educating is not going to fix the issue. people need to live this lifestyle. children need to be taught portions and so on. they need to so their parents eating better. proteins are not a type of food so why are they labeling it that… why not say means: chicken, beef pork and so on. Dairy is not a necessity  for adults, but it is for growing children. so for educating small humans its important to have it on the plate. fats and oils are not included… educate them on the types of fat, no trans fat… thats bad! education on them so kids aren’t just eating trans fats all day. 


we need micronutrients just as well. we  usually take in large amounts because we get energy from them foods.  these micronutrients work with the macronutrients energy levels, metabolism and cellar functions.

my BMR is 1,416  


why are vitamins essential for humans health? 

propor metabloic functioning, and preventing diseases.  

not enough vitamins C= scurvy. 

what makes vitamins different from minerals 

some vitamins are not water soluble, so they make us sick such as  A,D,E,K these are fat soluble. but minerals are water soluble. they dissolve in water. hint hint you can buy mineral water. 


what are essential amino acids?

there are 9 essential amino acids: histidineisoleucineleucinelysinemethioninephenylalaninethreoninetryptophan, and valine

what does essential mean for the diet?

essential means that our body needs it but it cant make it so we need to get the 9 amino acids from eating other foods. 

what is portion complimentary?

combining foods that compete essential amino acids. taking an incomplete foods and combining to them to get the full essential nutrients. such as bread and peanut butter or soy and rice.  


A can of diet coke floats in water while a can of regular coke sinks why is this true. 

coke has about 39g of sugar in a can, but diet coke has a artificial sweetener that is 200x as sweet as regulate sugar, meaning this diet coke of can becomes less dense then water. 


how are sugars, starches and cellulose different?

Sugars, starches and cellulose because… sugars are contented by a single molecule. Starches are chains and chains of sugar molecules together.  But for cellulose chemical formula is very similar to starches. But one small change makes this thing (cellulose) indigestible. We can not break cellulose down our stomachs do not like trying to break it down.