Eating less meat would help us improve our health because we would get a wider variety of foods in our diet also less land would be taken up by slaughter houses and other places that raise animals for food and it would allow more food to be available for those who do not have food because of all of the meat we would be saving. 


Getting food from different parts of the country or world allows it to taste better and we would also be allowed to have  much larger range of foods. Some foods do not grow in certain areas of the country and also some foods can be out of season in some areas but in season in other areas. Cons would be the environmental footprint it leaves from transport trucks. We could decrease the carbon footprints of foods by not shipping foods across the country and only shipping within states or regions. 


Vitamins are essential for good health, proper metabolic functioning, and preventing disease. 

Minerals are ionic compounds that have a variety of uses in our bodies. Macro minerals are essential for our lives but not abundant in our bodies, Micro minerals our body requires less of these but they are still required and then trace minerals are very little in our body but are very important in good health. 


Essential Amino acids are required for protein synthesis which can not be done without them. We can only break down 11 proteins with simpler molecules and 9 with these molecules. 

A complimentary protein is something that includes essential Amino acid content.


Oils are hydrogenated to change C=C to C-C This can make the oils healthier but can also create trans fats which are bad for us. Trans fats create more bad cholesterol and can lead to heart problems. This is because our body doesn’t know what to do with these trans fats because they are so hard to break down so our body just throws them to the side to break down later. 


Most fats come from foods with animal origins and these fats are very significant in our diets. Fats are our greatest source of energy in our bodies. A saturated fat is a fat with only single bonds, An unsaturated fat has one or more C=C and a Polyunsaturated fat contains more than one double bond and a monounsaturated fat contains only one double bond


Malnutrition is caused by a diet lacking proper nutrients and undernourishment is caused by a diet where a person does not get a significant amount of calories. 

Processed foods are foods that have been modified and changed from their original state.

fats carbs and proteins are macro nutrients meaning we need much more of them in our diets


In order to produce food we have to grow the food on farms which take up land space and then we have to also water the plants which is a major source of water usage and then in the process of shipping the food we use large amounts of energy and also use energy to make electricity that we use to keep the food “good” 


US congress plays a big role in safe drinking water by passing the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1996 also passing the maximum contaminate level goal. 

Lead is very dangerous in water because it is a cumulative poison which can cause problems in the kidney and liver and also throughout our blood and many other organs


Surfactants help Polar and non polar molecules mix and allow the solubility to be changed 

Biomagnification increases the chemicals in foods and also is known to stop reproduction of peregrine