I know this may seem Spontaneous

In chemistry there is always change. When referring to change scientists talk about the system and its surrounding. The system is the part of the universe which is under study. The surroundings is the rest of the universe not under study. Lets say I choose to study how much sleep I really need, the system […]

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There are many types of chemical reactions. In the lab we viewed a spontaneous chemical reaction, in which once it is started it does not need any more energy to continue is its reaction. In a way its just like getting ready to go to bed, we start by putting energy into getting into bed […]

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Chem to Go Ch.4 Section 6

Zn (NO3)2 was conductive, we knew because when we put the opposite wires in the solution we saw the red LED light up. KF and Na2SO4 would conduct electricity because their elements hold the right characteristics to do so. a. The water would conduct electricity which would might electrocute one self or start a very […]

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The SOLUTION to all

In the lab we experimented with electrolytes type of solution in which it contains substances that dissolved in water that conduct electricity. In the lab we found that some solutions were not in fact electrolytes, we knew the based off of the fact that when we placed the two opposite ends of the circuit and […]

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Let me en-LIGHT-en you

Everything is made up of energy, one of the major forms of energy that we can see with our own minds is electromagnetic radiation, light. Light is characterized by its wave lengths and energy. A wave length is the distance between from point to point. Lets say I sit down in my common room after […]

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I hate rustic music, I like Metal

Metal is everywhere, its in our cars, in our mattresses and even all over the earth. They can conduct electricity and energy. They lose electrons easily resulting in them forming positive ions in ionic compounds. In the lab we saw a chemical reaction which electrons were transferred from one¬†substance to another, this is called oxidation […]

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Chem to Go Ch.4 Section 3

1. a. CO2 B. The chemical reaction that created the gas. C. All of the materials that are involved in the reaction are necessary, even if it is not a part of the starting materials. D. It does matter the amount of starting materials are available because if it is less or more then need […]

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Dominos (Not the Pizza)

To get a certain chemical reaction scientists have to know how much of everything is needed to get that exact reaction. To do this they convert the elements into the measurement of moles and then convert it to grams to get what they need. To get the mole of an element one must look at […]

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Chem to Go Ch.4 Section 1

1.a. endothermic b. exothermic c. exothermic 2. a. Very unordered because it turns into a gas which means that the atoms are not bonded together so its very disorderly.¬† b. Its ordered because it becomes a liquid, where the atoms are connected with bonds and are not all over the place. c. Its very orderly […]

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