Hey friends!   Time for some rubber band talk!! It’s going to be pretty fascinating. (See below for a chart entailing the observations of our experiment) When the heat is released, that is using enthalpy (DH). The change of enthalpy is negative when the heat is losing energy. Then we […]

Rubber Band Chem Talk

Hola!   Feliz cinco de mayo!!!!! Today we will be learning about LED’s and lights. Pretty fascinating stuff right?! Some results from these cool things were: *See below To do this lab, we used different LED’s and using a mini circuit we observed the color that was lit. From there, […]

Cinco de Mayo Chem Talk!

Hey folks! Time for a little more chemistry tonight!!  1a. No gas filled the balloon in our experiment. However, if the experiment were to prosper, it would have been C02. 1b. N/A 1c. N/A 1d. N/A 2. N/A 3. What is the mass of one mole of each of the […]

Chem To Go pgs 308-309

Sup dudes!  You know what time it is…. chemistry time!! We are going to review the studying of dominoes and pennies today!  We started with a bag of pennies. We had to weigh this bag and we calculated that the bag weighed 51.94. Then we were posed with the task […]

Chem Talk -Dominoes

Hey peeps!   Let’s solve some chemistry problems!!   1a. Exothermic b. Endothermic c. Can’t tell   2a. Disorder increases b. Disorder decreases c. Can’t tell   3a. 4Fe(s) and 3O2(g) are the reactants and 2Fe2O3(S) is the product.         3O2(g) and 2KCl(s) are the reactants and 2KClO(s)is the […]

Chem To Go April 14

Long time no see!    Time for another fun and cool chemistry talk!!! In today’s experiment we tried to inflate balloons! We did a bunch of strange things to figure out a good method for this. This is all leading up to our final project of the year: A Reuben […]

Chem Talk April 12

Hey friends!    Today we will be reviewing one of the coolest labs ever!!! We made beads out of powder! How wild is that! We first lit a bunsen burner and took some borax on a metal stick and the borax burnt into a solid shape. Then, we used different […]

Chem Talk – Glass

Hey guys! On this pleasant day we will be talking about burnt bobby pins! Pretty random but very interesting! First we used a penny and observed what it did after being held in a fire from a bunsen burner. We noticed that the penny’s color changed to some areas being […]

Chem Talk – Bobby Pin Lab

Hey peeps! In our most recent lab we used some really fun stuff. Some of these really fun stuff includes strings, hibiscus tea, carrot greens, chamomile, and onion skins. We soaked the strings and then put them in the four substances (hibiscus tea, carrot greens, chamomile, onion skins). We observed […]

Chem Talk Feb 17

Hi friends! Tonight we will examining some pretty neat things, like the ripening process of fruit! Who doesn’t love a ripe apple! We tested the process of ripening fruits when we places samples of a fruit in a flame. The results proved many different things which we will be elaborating […]

Chem Talk 9