Over recent years, people rallied against genetically modified Foods. These protests have occurred worldwide, including Germany, Australia, Spain, the united Kingdom, and the United States. Consider, the new trans genetic corn described at the opening of this chapter. This GM corn may spread by the accidental release of seeds or pollen and breed with the corns distant relatives. Although many countries prohibit the cultivation Of GM crops in the vicinity of weedy relatives, the regulations do not prevent all illegal planting. In arguments on page 518 the questions GM plants will spread it into the wild, GM crops threaten the natural balance, Genetically modified crops will force past two evolve. these arguments and responses focus on the local environmental consequences of driving GM food crops. Some people may develop allergies to GM food either due to a known allergen and  unexpected source or to a new combination of materials. The farmer must buy new seeds for each year. Traditional measures such as seeds storing and breeding or impossible as GM crops are often sterile. Other broader arguments related to animals and commercial ventures. For example, consider the spread of GM crops engineered for non-human consumption, including corn solely tested and approved for use as animal feed, soy beans engineered to produce excess oil for fuel, and to back up containment anti-inflammatory destined for pharmaceutical use. The application of GM technology to organisms that live longer than just a few months add even further complications to our methods of control. This has alternatively been discussed as the second green revolution. Genetic engineering has been developing and spreading for decades. Some argue that genetic engineering has provided nothing that traditional breeding methods could not. They claim that the research dollars are wasted and environment unduly risked. Others would point out the already promising successes, but claim that current policies block true progress

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