CO2 blog

 Carbon dioxide absorbs energy emitted by the Earth then are later re-emitted. The re-emitted energy travels out in all directions, but some returns to Earth, where it heats the surface. Carbon dioxide molecules provide the initial greenhouse heating needed to maintain water vapor concentrations. When CO2 concentrations drop, Earth cools, come water vapor falls out of the atmosphere, and the greenhouse warming caused by water vapor drops. When CO2 concentrations rise, air temperatures go up, and more water vapor evaporates into the atmosphere. Also another way that CO2 is emitted to the Earth’s atmosphere is coal combustion. Rising carbon dioxide concentrations are already causing the planet to heat up. Consequences of rising Carbon dioxide leads to harmful impact on oceans, species migration, agriculture and national security. Scientist have new researches saying that humans that breathe CO2 indoors have a much tougher time learning, performing simple and complex tasks, and making decisions. Before this research, humans thought CO2 wouldn’t hurt your body indoors. There is no limit for CO2. There are many ways that have limited the amount of CO2. For example, companies now have to have permits to use large amounts of CO2. Another way to limit the amount of CO2 is by riding bikes, jogging, or even public transportation. This is because when you use your car it emits CO2 into the air. The primary driver of recent climate change has reached about 400 ppm for the first time in history. There are many things you can do to drop CO2 emissions. By using public transportation or even riding a bike you can lower the levels of CO2 in your town. In order to lower CO2 emissions in the whole world every single person would need to contribute because the CO2 levels keep going up due to peoples everyday life. Society would need to change their everyday life in order to lower emissions. CO2 isn’t the most harmful greenhouse gas but people should still try to protect themselves from it. You could protect yourself from CO2 by living in urban areas and not in big cities. Living in big cities is bad because there are many more people. That means more cars, coal plants, power plants and many others. ADD PICTURES