In the reading 0.2 talks about what we could do for currently that could help us in the future. It talks about us, humans making a sustainable world. Also it talks about what are sustainable choices and what are not. For example, in the reading it says that fossil fuel are non-sustainable for the world. People are working on making a sustainable world by setting goals. Day by day, people are working on making the world better with four main targets. From the reading it says, “Preserving the habitability of the Earth and its ability to provide the resources required for future generations to thrive is a basic human obligation”. That is saying the future people need to also work on making the world a more sustainable place so when they are living it won’t be a big as a problem. In 0.3 the main idea is the Triple Bottom Line. Which is benefits to the economy and environment. It talks about how the economy and how it needs must be healthy and its annual reports must show signs of profit. This is basically saying that it doesn’t only take humans to make a better world but also the environment. As a result, everything we do in life effects our life and the earth. 


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