in section 12.1 in the book it talks about corn plants. corn is a very good crop for us to grow. it is one of the most grown crops in the united states. the reason for this is one because lots off people enjoy eating it and it can be used for many different things. it also grows very well in the united states during summer time. almost all the farmers now a days grown corn because it is so successful each season. farmers and scientists are trying to make corn be able to make their own pesticide. this can be good and bad in many different ways . it can be good because the pesticide will make it so that all the little bugs won’t like it and won’t eat it. this is good because we can grow more corn and have to replant less. it is bad because then all the bugs will not have anything to eat and they will eventually die off. this is bad because then other animals such as fish or small birds don’t have anything to eat. if we decide to go through with this plan then there is a chance that people can make more money and stores can get more corn to sell, but there is a risk that many animals will not have anything to eat. 


in section 11.8 in the book it talks about vitamins and minerals. there are many different types of vitamins. they are all good for you but some of them the body and handle a lot of. the two vitamins that the body can have as much as it wants are C and B. if the body is full of these ones it will just get rid of them. you can pee them out where as the other ones A,K,D,E the body can’t get rid of them. if you have to much of these ones you can get very sick and can many even get some diseases. they all do good things for you such as make your stomach work better and make your blood flow better. 


in section 11.7 in the book it talks about proteins. proteins are probably the one things that your body needs a lot of. proteins do many good things to your body and very little bad things to your body. they give you energy and they help to build muscle and make your muscles recover faster. proteins are in most if not all meats. meats are where you can get the most proteins from. you can also get proteins from other things such as peanut butter. there are many different types of protein. there is actually protein that come from meats and there is powdered protein that you can buy at a store. obviously the protein you get from meats is better for you but is doesn’t give you as mush amino aids as the powdered stuff does.


in section 11.5 in the book it talks about carbs. it talks about how carbs are a big part of the human body. carbs are again one of those things that the body needs but not a lot of. carbs give you calories and energy. carbs are not as bad for you as fats and oils can be for you but they are also not terrible for you. the body can handle a good amount of carbs without doing anything to you but you still don’t want to get to much of them because to much of them can actually make you gain weight and cause some obesity. 


in section 11.4 in the book it talks about fats, oils and different types of diets. it says that fats and oils are both things that your body needs but not to much of. fats can help you in the sense that they give you energy and calories. they are bad in the fact that they can make you gain weight and can mess with your health. oils are the same way. your body needs them but not to much of them. people that don’t like the way they loom or don’t like there health of have some of these diseases that they would like to get rid of, start a diet. diets are designed for you to lose weight and learn how to eat healthier. they can cause you to become more cautious of what you eat. they teach you to look at the ingredients and make sure there is nothing in it that you don’t need or want. 


in section 11.2 in the book it talks about how you eat can effect the way you live. it talks about how the body needs all these things such as proteins, energy, vitamins, and raw minerals and many other things. if you eat things that contain more fat than portend or vitamins you will not be very healthy and can develop many types of diseases and can possibly get cancer from eating to much of things that you don’t need. on the other hand, if you eat more carbs, proteins, and eat healthy things that can give you energy, you will be less likely to get these things. the more healthy things you eat the healthier you will be. the same for the other way around, if you eat more junk food and things you don’t need you won’t be as healthy. 


in section 11.1 in the book it talks about food and the planet. in the book it talks about how over the years millions of people die because of a lack of food. it also says that lots of people die because of eating to much food. it talks about how water and food are very similar in that we need lots and lots of them. it says that it requires 15,000 liters of water to get the equivalent of one kilogram of beef. food and water are both things that we can’t live without. the body needs energy, proteins and calories. without them it is very hard to do every day things such as walking around. it talks about how the things we eat don’t only effect us but it effect the place we live on also. 


in section 11.12 in the book it talks about how our eating habits effect the earth. it talks about how even though plants and vegetables are very good for us the more of them we eat the less animals have to eat and then we can’t eat the meat they give us because they are not healthy enough. it also talks about how the human population is continuing s to grow over the years. it says that the more the populations grows the more plants, vegetables, and meat from the animals we have to kill will continue to decline and that is bad for the environment. 


In section 11.11 in the book it talks about how what you eat can affect your health in earthier a good way or a bad way. depending on different things we eat will determine if our body is healthy or not. for instance if you eat a lot of carbs and fats and not enough protein you will not have as much muscle and strength from the protein. and this is the same for the opposite if you don’t have enough carbs and a little bit of fats you will not have enough energy. the section also talks about how what we eat can also effect the planet. the more and more animal foods we eat the less animals there are and some of the animals we eat can help the environment and if we are taking them away from the environment then the environment will slowly decline in health. 


in section 11.6 in the book it talks about sugars and sugar substitutes. one reason we consume so much sugars is because lot of foods we eat naturally contain them. high fructose corn syrup is in lots of foods, this his used to add flavor and its many benefits. this is also used to sweeten drinks and beverages. there are many ways this can benefit the food and you when you eat it. many people think that this can cause lots of obesity, however this was proved to be not true. high fructose corn syrup is in many of our foods and in all of us when ever we eat things with high fructose corn syrup in it. there are also lots of sugars in us but they don’t all do bad things.