Which arguments are the most compelling for and against GE & WHY?!

our body breaks down GE food, and non GE food the same way. they are good, they are not doing anything horrible (yet?). they help the environment, they make more crops with the same exact amount of land, they help us conserve water, THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!! GE foods help the environment, they don’t hurt it.


food blogger post


This is a recipe from “food babe”. Food babe claims that this smoothie somehow has magical powers. She states that if you drink it: you will look younger, it will rejuvenate aged skin, it will create collagen, it will help you from getting the cold or flu, that it will fight cell damage and chronic inflammation, it will strengthen you’re immune system, and helps and speed up wound healing.

There is NO proof that it will make you look younger, or that it will rejuvenate aged skin. yes some of the ingredients are good for skin, but that doesn’t mean it will make us look any different.

ill give it to you, food babe, this smoothie does create some collagen, but i don’t know about helping inflammation and wound healing. 

This smoothie does have vitamin C in it. it might help us from getting sick, but don’t think that if u drink this smoothie, you will never get sick, you will probably still get sick. 

Food babe also said that “once you pump your body with greens, you’ll start craving them instead of junk” 


There is hand on FACTS, COLD HARD FACTS, that state that our body craves what it needs, and our body needs more than just “greens”. We NEED protein, we NEED carbs, we NEED sugar, we NEED a lot of other things that are NOT, just “greens”. So you are completely wrong about this, food babe. 


summarize and relate to climate change and food safety:

CLIMATE CHANGE: more extreme weather conditions!! hotter places get hotter, cold places get colder, storms get stormy, show falls harder, wind get faster ETC. This is a change in the temp,thats why it is literally called “climate change”. Oceans rise and rise, and one day NYC, might be underwater!!!! what?! Rainfalls more EVERYTHING IS EXTREME, like kind of like The hulk, just in mother nature form?



Explain how eating less meat could contribute to your health, the health of the planet, and food security.

meat is yummy! i love to eat chicken, steak, turkey and many more, its an AWESOME source of protein!!! But we can also get protein from other things, without killing animals, and hurting the earth. Less meat=less land, less gas, less green house gases, more water for us, more food for us!! We could be just as healthy without eating large amounts of eat during each meal. I have started eating  one vegetarian meal everyday!!  



Describe the pros and cons of using “food miles” as a guide for what you eat.

cons: green house gases that go into air, gas that fuels transportation 

pros:yummy food from exotic or not close places without going to get them, (being lazy)

How can you decrease the carbon footprint of the food you eat?

I could, only eat foods that are grown or made around were i am, 




Do you like “my plate” compared to other nutrition guides?

i guess i like my plate, it tells us exactly what we need and how much of it. it doesn’t give explains it just states the category of the food, which is not helpful.

How would I improve it?

have exact examples of, sugars, protein, fibers, ETC

What would I change?

i would change some of the category names because meat is not the only way we can get protein, and that goes to other categories. 

Can it help you maintain a healthy diet?

YES! it tells the MAJOR parts to sustain a healthy life.



Explain the difference in macro’s and micros in terms of body usage and daily amount:

Macronutrients give us calories, which gives us energy!! WE HAVE TO HAVE ENERGY TO SURVIVE!! we can get calories from soon many things like granola, fruits and veggies and many more!

they are very similar but, we do not need micronutrients as much as macronutrients!! we need macro to keep our energy level equal!



What are essential amino acids? 

not made from body,comes from food we eat, but we need them!!

What does essential mean for the diet?

WE HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!! we have to have them so they can make proteins that we need to be healthy!!

What is protein complementarity and how do you prefer to get your protein complementarity?

this is when we mix two + foods with proteins that are not complete, & this = complementary protein( which comes from grains, nuts etc)



Explain how sugars, starches, and cellulose are different:

They are alike in many ways, but different in some ways too.

Cellulose = ALOT stronger than starch, cellulose is so strong that it can create fibers, doesn’t break down like starch and doesn’t  dissolve in H2O like starch, can NOT be digested. 

Sugars= carbs, glucose,  mannose, and fructose. These molecules are connected to one and other by singular molecule chains. 

starches= carbs, break down easily in water, breaks down easily, these are made up of multiple chains of sugar molecules , which are created via glucose, only one that can be digested!



why are vitamins essential for human health?

They are so essentially for humans because, they keep us healthy, and prevent diesel and help our metabolism. Lets say some one doesn’t get enough of a certain vitamin, the person could get scurvy (like the college guys) we need to eat some essential vitamins because our body doesn’t make them.

What makes vitamins different than minerals?

They are different because minerals=ions, ionic compounds, Example=vitamins. Minerals +vitamins+ micronutrients are things that we HAVE TO HAVE!!