Summarize and relate to climate change and food safety.

Climate change is more extreme conditions in the weather. For example, places that are hot get hotter, places that are colder get colder, and storms get more aggressive and intense. Basically every time of weather condition just gets more intense. Climate change related to the crops and the land because thats how we make food by farming and processing which is now being affected by climate change.


Explain how eating less meat could contribute to your health, the health of the planet, and food security.

I personally don’t eat a lot of meat, other than chicken, just because my sisters are both vegetarians so we usually don’t have meat in the house, but when I do eat it, its mostly chicken. But eating meat isn’t the only way to get the food things that come out of it. Like vegetarians do, they replace the things you need from meat, and get it from foods that have the same good stuff in it and then don’t have to eat the meat. If I ate less meat then I do now, as Mr. C said in class, if you ate one less meal with meat it would save so much land and energy and water. So if I didn’t eat meat for 3 out of the 7 days a week, I could save a lot of money and time. It would contribute to the planets by not using so much energy into farming it and also it would save water and land that the animals graze.


Describe the pros and cons of using “food miles” as a guide for what you eat. How can you decrease the carbon footprint of the food you eat?

The cons of using “food miles” as a guide for what you eat are greenhouse gasses, and gas that fuels transportation. The pros of using “food miles” as a guide is being able to eat good for that is far away for people who don’t want to go far. I can decrease the carbon footprint of the food I eat by only eating locally, and maybe eating less meat or things from like stop and shop.


Criticisms of “my plate”. Do you like “my plate” compared to other nutrition guides? How would you improve it? What would you change? Can it help you maintain a health diet?

I like my plate because it tells me exactly what I need and how much I need of it. The one thing that I do not like is that it doesn’t give examples and it only states the category of the foods. I would improve it by giving examples of sugars, fibers, proteins, and others. The things that I would change would be to the names because for example meat is not the only way to get protein, so if you don’t eat meat, this is not helpful to you. Yes, I believe that it can help me maintain a healthy diet because it gives you a lot of information about how you can do that.




Explain the difference in Macro’s and Micros in terms of body usage and daily amount.

Macro nutrients are fats, carbs, and proteins which is used to fuel the body. Without macro nutrients out body would slowly start to shut down and we would eventually die. Carbs are our main source of fuel, our cells require the glucose of energy that is in carbs. Fats help with the normal growth of the human body and it is also a good source of energy as well as carbs. Fats also help maintain membranes. Proteins help with growth, especially for children, it also helps repair tissue and helps with immune functions. Micro nutrients are yes, in smaller quantities, but just as important as macro nutrients for healthy living.


Why are vitamins essential for human health? What makes vitamins different than minerals?

Vitamins are essential for human health because they are considered essential nutrients. Each different vitamin does helpful things to the body to heal it. They also convert food into energy and help repair cellular damage. Vitamins are essential to your body and they are also fat soluble. The important vitamins to have in your body are vitamin A, K, D, and E. Minerals come in your body through water and are as well essential. The macro minerals that are essential are Ca and Mg. The micro minerals that are essential are Fe. Minerals dissolve in water and tend to be parts in your body.


What are essential amino acids? What does essential mean for the diet? 

For starters, essential amino acids can’t be made by the human body, meaning that you have to eat them so you can get them in your body. Essential amino acids are an amino acid that can’t synthesized by organisms. Essentials mean for your diet are things that are, essential for a persons diet. For example, an essential nutrient is a nutrient that is required that needs to be ingested because your body can not make it, therefore making it an essential to your diet.


A can of diet coke floats in water while a can of regular coke sinks. Why is this true?

Regular coke contains sugars as sweeteners, this makes the liquid more dense. They regular cans also tend to be more dense, causing them to sink in water. Diet soda is less dense than water so it sinks when it is placed it water.



Explain how sugars, starches, and cellulose are different.

Cellulose and starches are actually very similar to each other. But cellulose is a lot stronger than starch and it is strong enough to make fibers. Cellulose doesn’t dissolve in water the way that starch will. It also doesn’t break down as easily as starch will. Sugars and starches are also a little similar. They are both apart of the same compounds known as carbohydrates. Sugars are a single unit of specific molecules such as glucose, fructose, and mannose. Sugar molecules are connected to each other by single molecule chains. Starches are made up of chains of sugar molecules that are linked together. Even though both molecules are made of glucose, only starch can be digested, cellulose can’t.


Why are oils hydrogenated? How is hydrogenated oil related to a trans fat? What is a trans fat? Why do we care/hear so much about trans fats?

Oils are hydrogenated because you add hydrogen which turn double bonds into single bonds. If you do 100% polyunsaturated hydrogenated to saturated. It is the chemical process of when hydrogen is added to liquid oils to turn them into solids. Hydrogenated oil is related to trans fats because hydrogenated oils contain trans fats which are more harmful to than say, saturated fats. We care so much about trans fats because it raises levels of “bad” cholesterol, and lower levels of the “good” cholesterol.