Chem Talk 4.7

Chapter 4 section 7’s Chem Talk was quite a large one, packed with information. The talk mainly covered thermodynamics, heat energy changes, and energy diagrams. As information about spontaneous reactions and the explanation of the theories of thermodynamics were given in the talk, my mind wondered a bit, thinking more in-depth of the subject. Chemists today use thermodynamics and kinetics to design reactions that help to better human lives. Though after reading this talk, it would still be nice to get some kind of explanation of why certain things happen when they do. Next, the talk went more into detail about our experiment and the spontaneous reaction between magnesium and water to create heat. This is the same reaction that takes place in MRE’s, which are used by the military to heat food in the field. While the reaction is taking place, enthalpy change also takes place. This is the change in heat energy that occurs at a constant pressure. The talk then goes into energy diagrams. These diagrams basically show that you can start with something with low energy, and after a reaction end up with higher energy than you started with. Overall, this talk was a little confusing when going into the details about the reactions and enthalpy, but a cool topic. 

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