4.6 Chem Talk

Electrochemical cells and Half Reactions:

In our lab, we learned about batteries, conductivity in solutions, and electrodes. Electrolytes are substances that dissolve in water to make it conduct electricity. For a solution to be able to conduct electricity it must contain particles that can move around. The Chem Talk talks about ions and how they are formed by dissolved compounds. Though molecular compounds do not break apart though, for example sugar. When dissolved in water, they remain as sugar molecules. While on the other hand, ions are able to move around freely in water, making them able to conduct electricity. The path of electricity in batteries is a pretty simple thing as well. A battery has two half cells; one where oxidation takes place and one where reductions simultaneously occurs. The book then explains that if a metal is more reactive, the reaction will occur faster in the metal. The farther apart two metals, the stronger the metal ion reaction will be. 

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