4.3 Chem talk

The first section of this Chem Talk started out with a little review with moles and molar mass, serving as a great refresher on the subject. Just like a dozen donuts is twelve donuts, one mole is 6.022 x 10^23. One of the most important thing to know about moles is that one mole of any atom or molecule is equivalent to its molar mass in grams. Within balanced equations, say if you had 3 moles of baking soda, you would have enough to produce 3 moles of carbon dioxide. In addition to moles, molar volume is also mentioned. Basically all the talk is saying is that one mole of gas in room temperature will occupy more space than when it is in proper temperature conditions. Stoichiometry seemed to be a little confusing. The rest of the talk went into more complicated math stuff involving moles. Hopefully, we can do some in class to further my understanding. Overall, a solid Chem Talk. 

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