Blog #2 – Units

What is a unit?

I believe that a unit is something that helps someone understand how many of something they have. For example, someone could have 1 gram of sugar vs. having 1 pound of salt. Obviously, I can tell that there is more salt because of the units of measurement used.

For my unit, I will choose the United States customary units. This is the unit system that consists of the American way of measuring things. For example inches, feet, yards, etc. These units are only used in the US, while most of the world uses the metric system.

In relation with each other, these units will add up. The most basic of the length measurement is an inch. Twelve of these makes up a foot, and then three of those make a up a yard, and then onto miles. A yard can often be compared to a meter, and the same for inch to centimeter.

This unit system was based off of the the english or imperial that was used in Great Britain. At first during the 19th century in America, it was decided that the metric system would be the designated system for measuring things in business. As time went on, people just thought it was easier to use inches rather than centimeters when distances had to be cut in halves, thirds, and quarters. I personally would choose this system over the metric.


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