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I thought that our recent discussion about having an openĀ and growing type of mindset was very interesting. I myself believe that a growth mindset is the better than having a fixed one, but both sides have their ups and downs.

Being able to not fear failure is something that some people have a hard time adjusting to. Some might get nervous about how they are looked at, whether smart or stupid. But in order to acquire a growth based mindset, it is a necessity for you to not be afraid to look “stupid”. I think that it is stupid when someone will not try to answer a question, just because it will make them look dumb. That person would probably look worse if they didn’t try the problem, and not benefit from the situation at all. People who want to learn stuff will by definition end up knowing more stuff than the people who did not want to learn. Most people want to grow and learn, but the ones who are afraid of being wrong need to change their minds.

In my observations, I think that it is best for one to choose a growing mindset. It just does not make sense for someone who wants to look smart not to learn anything in the first place. There you have it.

-Cam Purdy




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  1. 8.5/10 Good summary of some major points of the article, but you need to delve deeper into personal reflection, share your own thoughts and opinions and support them with examples

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