Chem to Go Lab 6

  1. For Part A of the lab the only solution that was an electrolyte was the 0.1M Zn(NO3)2 solution because it made the LED light up and the other solutions did not. 
  2. I would expect Na2SO4 to form a solution that conducts electricity when I dissolve it in water because there is an ion it it whereas the other compounds are molecules which are non conductive. 
  3. a) It would be dangerous because the pure water in the bath is conductive therefore you will be electrocuted.                                                                 b) It would still not be safe because there could still be pure water left in the bath which can conduct electricity or the distilled water could not be 100% distilled meaning you could get shocked.
  4. a) Yes                                                                                                                b) I would need a few different types of sports drinks and set it up like the lab with the salt bridge and the two beakers.                                                c) ?                
  5. ?
  6. a) The voltage would decrease because you removed the only thing helping transfer the electrons.                                                                                      b) The voltage would decrease because distilled water is not conductive.   c) The voltage would decrease because there would be less electrons transferring.                                                                                                    d) The voltage would decrease because the zinc would break apart. 
  7. d) 
  8. c)
  9. c)

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