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chem to go

table sugar: 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms and 11 oxygen atoms = 45 atoms

marble: 1 calcium atom, 1 carbon atom and 3 oxygen atoms = 5 atoms

natural gas: 1 carbon atom, 4 hydrogen atoms = 5 atoms

rubbing alcohol: 3 carbon atoms, 8 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom

glass: 1 silicium atom and 2 oxygen atoms

2.2 N2O————-> 2 N2 + O2

3. glass: silicium is a rather metallic element that is blue-grayish and oxygen s a gas together they build a transparent matter that breaks easily.

Atoms, everything and nothing

Take a brief look around. what do you see? Your books to study? Your computer, with this page opened? A glass of water? What if  I tell you, that everything is not what it seems? Everything that is in front of you, under you, next to you, even you is just a combination of smaller pieces. Of elements. 118 different elements are discovered right now. 118 elements that make everything what it is. These elements combine and form millions of compounds, we call them molecules. The water in your glass? Is a molecule. I am sure, you have heard of H2O, and if not, you do now. H2O is the chemical formula for water and stands for 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen atoms. If you have pure Hydrogen it is a highly explosive gas, that will make a small explosion, if you hold a burning match in it. And Oxygen? Pretty inflammable. Hold a glowing match in Oxygen and it will start to burn again. Water does not have the same qualities. So how do we know, that water is seriously made out of these elements, how could you prove, that I’m not just playing games with you? There is this easy lab, you could do, we did in class today. You make something that is called electrolysis. That means you connect a source of power with the water, but you could find better explanations it the internet. 

My last point is something called ‘balancing equations’, that I personally really enjoy but I do not think that too many people would agree with me. To ‘balance a equation’ means that there is a equation that shows, how water, Oxygen and Hydrogen are related. 

2 H2O ————–> 2 H2 + 2 O2

You may wonder what the small twos next to the symbols for Hydrogen and Oxygen mean. It is just that both of these elements do not exist in nature as single atoms, but only as diatonic forms. There are always two of them. That makes me jealous.


I hope, you guys enjoyed this episode of how the world works with clara.

I rock unit conversions :)


what i think about “messages that motivate-and Boost Achievement” by Carol S. Dweek. 


a summary that should be understood by my goldfish


work hard and act dumb or don’t work hard and act smart


The texts informs about different mindsets and how they affect you learning abilities and text scores. Research of the author shows us that there are the following mindsets:

#1 the Fixed Mindset 

The main issue of fixed mindsets is that they think that they are smart, therefor they they think, that don’t have to learn (they would be stupid, if they had to learn to have god results, wouldn’t they). They value looking smart over learning because it can led to failure (they would look stupid, if they would try out something new and failed) And if everything breaks and they really make a mistakes , they don’t want to fix it or learn from it (this is actually stupid).

these habits are naturally followed by test scores that get worse and worse and no knew knowledge.

#2 the Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is literally the exact opposite of the fixed mindset.


the message is clear:

take on challenges

work hard

confront your deficiencies and correct them


If you have children , work with them and teach them, tell them to focus on progress and praise them for their effort because a fixed mindset is caused by people that tell you that you are smart and are impressed by your results.  Whereas a growth mindset is based on people complimenting the effort and the way you got to your result.

personal comment:    I was surprised, how often (mainly) the bad things and strategies that don’t work were repeated and repeated but the article was really interesting and will make me (and hopefully you too) reconsider my mindset and try to help children to develop growth mindsets.

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